Corona - St. Hippolyt ser allvarligt på situationen

Monday 30.03.2020 we are already two weeks into our joint fight against the spreading of the corona virus. We are currently receiving adjusted guidelines from our authorities and of course we fully respect any of the recommendations that we receive.

This goes for both Denmark, Norway, and Finland and we follow the directions given by the individual countries’ authorities. The Swedish authorities have chosen a less restrictive attitude than the other Scandinavian countries. Even so, we have chosen to ask our consultants to refrain from outgoing activities as we do not want to contribute to spreading or expose our consultants to any risk of catching the disease.

At the Mill in Germany they are still producing at full speed, and they have no shortages in any of the raw materials needed for the different feeds.

This means that we still have safe supplies and we do not have any significant problems in getting the goods transported from production in Germany to our warehouse and from our warehouse to our customers. However, the southern parts of Finland will be isolated. This may cause some delays in transportations to other parts due to border checks. So Finnish retailers should take this into account when making orders.

As to Norway we have experienced some cancellations of ferries which are usually transporting our goods to Norway causing extra freight costs. Also, the Norwegian Kroner has suffered a severe currency drop. These two factors necessitated an adjustment of the Norwegian prices as from 24.03.2020. We hope, this will be a short, temporary adjustment, which will of course be rolled back, as soon as things normalize.

At St. Hippolyt we are of course keeping a close eye on development and will keep you informed if any new directions will affect our daily activities and deliveries.

In order to maintain also our flow of information, our consultants have organized a number of new ways of communication, even in times when our consultants are not permitted to travel and be in physical touch with you dealers and our customers.

Keep updated with our newsletters and Facebook. We are also testing various other technical solutions and will keep you posted.

Vi hoppas att vi snart är tillbaka i full styrka – till dess:
Keep up the good spirit everyone!